What Our Valueable Clients Say About Our Services.

Retrotep was very prompt in my inquiries about providing tutoring services for my daughter. My daughter felt very comfortable working with Juanita. She took the time to walk her through each problem that she had gotten wrong on her math test and was very patient with her.

Latoya W.Math Tutoring

Great response time, and very knowledgeable about the subject matter at hand. We would for sure recommend Retrotep to anyone struggling with math.

William M.Math Tutoring

My daughter loved her math session and already feels more confident in the subject.

Chrissy W.Math Tutoring

As software engineers we are so thrilled to have found such a talented Science Technology Engineering and Math tutor for our little one. She is learning so much and really enjoys her tutoring sessions. We feel confident the foundational skills she’s gaining are setting her up for success and a lifelong love of STEM.

Pearl F.Math Tutoring

Great service! Very professional and respectful. Highly recommended!

Dayvon C.

Very professional.

Shay A.

Very Satisfied with everything about the Service that I received...

Tracy R.


Bea C.

It was great!

Joshlyn C.

I highly recommend this company. They are great!!!!

Yolanda J.

I truly appreciate and benefited from the expertise provided by this company. K. Mills

Kelcey M.

The tutoring dramaticly improved in my sons' computer, math and science scores! I highly recommend Retrotep!

Herbert F.