Services We Offer

Math Tutoring

I will help your child understand the rigorous school syllabus and achieve academic goals annually. Retrotep LLC aim to help you with our highly committed services. We believe that every child is capable of learning Math; it’s only a matter of tapping into their strengths and providing support to help them realise their potential. Retrotep don’t just believe in the effectiveness of tutoring, we believe in the power of a good education – the difference it can make when students are well-equipped with the help they need. These students are the future of our nation and the world we live in.

  • 3rd-6th grade is $40 an hour
  • 7th-9th grade is $60 an hour
  • In person for residents in North Carolina
  • Virtual for all clients
  • Google meet or Zoom

Cleaning Services

House, apartments, offices, and events

House with 3 bedroom $250

Apartments $120

For offices and events price can be negotiated based on job/square footage


Retrotep provides the ultimate Coding, Game Design, Engineering, and Digital Design class experience for students and campers in its live, virtual format.  Virtual learning is backed by:

  • A diverse set of unique courses to meet different age groups and interests
  • Thousands of students educated online
  • Options for both virtual learning and hands-on project learning from home

We are truly uniquely positioned to help your family push forward right now.

Ages 6-14